You have decided to take this step, to say yes in front of all of your loved ones - LET'S CELERBATE!

There's so much more to my Wedding Photography Services than you may think.

I am dedicated to not only create the forever lasting photos of your special day but also to concentrate on you. I am here to serve you, make this day as magical as possible for you to enjoy it.


Intimate and energetic Civil Wedding in Zurich

My Experience is Yours

Our Meetings

So this is it. This is your day.

you are getting married!!

It has been done before, of course, but never the way you guys are doing it, because it's you two!

Nevertheless, in the past few years as a wedding photographer, I got to witness so many amazing weddings, couples and crazy ideas. and these points are all yours!

I am not holding back when it comes to serve you in whatever way I can. My experience is yours - all of it!

I want to meet you and I want you to meet me. this is really important to me that I can identify your needs, wishes and who you are.

Your wedding day is pretty much who you are individually and as a couple - I want to know it all and want to see if we're a good match!

We'll meet at least once, either digitally or in real life. that way we can get to know each other and also discuss your wedding a to z in details.

Intimate and energetic Civil Wedding in Zurich

Processing Your Photos

Your Wedding Photography

You are celebrating your love. People come together to celebrate you and your love.

I try to depict and photograph all of the big special moments but also the small special moments like big laughs, little smirks and tears - all of it.

This whole day is a story, your story. The first day of your life together which deserves to have all the big and small moments captured. ALL OF IT.

After a wedding day, I usually back up the hundreds and thousand of raw photos to a few different back up systems to ensure the safety of your wedding photos.

I carefully select all of your best photos I took on your day and professionally edit them.

I aim to be as fast as possible to outrun my own delivery time stated in my contract for you to enjoy your photos and relive your day again.

The Wedding Guide

The Online Gallery

As my experience is your experience, I have created a wedding guide out of all the ideas, tipps and recommendations from the past couple of years.

The wedding guide is here to give you more ideas, things you have never thought of or should maybe thing about of avoiding in order for you to have it just like you imagine it all.

You'll receive this wedding guide right after our first meeting but the earliest in October the year before your wedding - filled with new ideas, tips & tricks.

Once I have selected and edited your photos, you'll receive all of these photos in your own personal online gallery.

In that gallery, you can download all photos and even customize which photos your guests can see


Additionally, you can invite all of your family, friends and all of your guests to your gallery to download & enjoy the photos as well.

The Wedding Box

Additional Wishes

Receiving your incredible wedding photos in your online gallery is one thing, but seeing them printed out and holding them in your hands is another.

Your wedding is one day and a super special one as well.. that's why, once all of your photos are ready, I prepare a special wedding box with an USB stick and some printed photos for you.

This wedding box is included in all wedding photography coverages starting at 6 hours. But don't you worry, if you'd like to book me for less hours, you'll still receive a special gift!

There is always more than you think. I am super flexible and happy to fulfil your additional wishes.

You can easily book yourself a second shooter, an engagement shoot and even beautifully designed wedding albums on top.

You'll find more information about each of these add-ons in the document you'll receive once you get in contact with me - so let's chat away!



I only take on 25 Saturday Weddings a year

Saturday weddings = 8+ hours Weddings


Because your wedding is not just a job, it's the first most important day in your life together, I want to give your wedding day the dedication and full attention it deserves.

With this limitation, I can assure the personal connection with my clients. I can sustain the quality from the beginning of your experience with me until the end.

don't be stranger - say hi!