Wedding Checklist & Timeline

This is your day – there are so many decision to be made, so many things to think about. Sometimes, it can be very overwhelming. That’s why I created a Wedding Checklist with Timeline* for you! It should make things a little bit easier, but the decisions still have to be made, by you… But don’t worry, if you need help or tips and tricks from my experience with previous brides and grooms struggling with the same: drop me a line and I am more than happy to help you!

*This Checklist is only available in German for now. If you live in Switzerland, you’ll be able to receive the physical (printed out) version, everyone living outside of Switzerland will receive the digital version.

50% on the printed version!

Because I am reworking the design of this Wedding Checklist with Timeline, I am selling all of my printed versions at 50% off!

CHF 5 instead of 10.-

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What does this Wedding Checklist & Timeline include?
Well first of all, it’s especially created for brides and grooms who are planning and organizing their wedding to keep a cool head and have an overview over things they have to consider. This Wedding Checklist & Timeline doesn’t go into the deep detail of a wedding because every couple is different and so is their wedding. This checklist is merely created to give an idea and guidance towards an overall plan. The tasks and decisions which need to be made are categorized by the number of months, weeks and days before and after the wedding (this is only a suggestion. If you have more or less time you can do it differently).

Please keep in mind that if you’re planning a Destination Wedding, an intimiate Ceremony, a small Wedding or even an Elopement, some things are similar or even the same, but there are other things you have to consider.