28. März @ Obersee Näfels

20 Minuten
20 bearbeitete Fotos
online Gallerie mit allen bearb. Fotos (Low-&High-Res)
nur CHF 220

Time Slots:
13:00  15:30
13:30   16:00
14:00   16:30
14:30   17:00
15:00   17:30

Reserviere deinen Slot via dem untenstehenden Kontaktformular und den ganzen Rest besprechen via Email und Telefon!


You have more questions?
Check out the Frequently Asked Question section at the end of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What photo sessions can we do with these Mini Sessions?
A: The Mini Sessions are open for groups upto 5 people, so a group of friends or a family are very welcome. But they are also ideal for couples, roommates or with anyone you’ve always wanted to take professional photos with. By the way: these Mini Sessions are perfect for christmas present!! Let’s do this!

Q: Can I choose the location I want for these Mini Sessions?
A: No, for the Mini Sessions there are one location set, located in Switzerland: Obersee Näfels.

Q: What happens once I have signed up for the Mini Sessions?
A: Super straight forward: We will chat about what you have selected for the date, day of time and location, so we can you fix a spot. Once we have fixed your spot, you’ll receive the invoice (50% deposit is due right away, the other half is due a couple of days before the Mini Sessions), the contract and a little guide about what options there are for you to wear to a photoshoot and still be yourself.

Q: What if you have to postpone the Mini Sessions?
A: As long as it’s not raining cats and dogs, the session will take place. But if the weather conditions are bad enough for me to cancel them, I’ll try to find another day with everyone. If we do not find a date, you can easily exchange the Mini Session amount of CHF 220 into a gift card and put ot towards another session.

Q: How long does it take you for me to receive my photos?
A: My turn-around time for the Mini Sessions are 3-4 weeks.

Q: How will you edit our images?
A: I edit all of the best images I take during the session. This includes color adjustments and other necessary changes but no retouching. A big pimple on your forehead and it’s a close-up? I will try to get rid of it. I try to be super real with my photography style and I am all in for the real and true you. Retouching someone’s face or skin in order for them to not look like themselves anymore is not my intention.