Gift Cards - to bring some joy

I know the struggle. You’d like to give someone a meaningful present but they already have everything?
Jep, been there.
It is really hard to find and gift something that this person will cheerish and remember forever.
I totally get you.
This is why a gift card for a photo session is such a thoughtful present with which you not only give that person a gift, you also give that person something to enjoy and create memories forever.

More Questions?

You have some questions about how I work and my photography? Check out my Frequently Asked Question Page where I have tried to answer all the questions that previous clients had also people that were just reaching out to me:

Q: How do the gift cards work?
A: You can buy a specific amount of CHF for your gift card and can easily spend it on any photo session within one year after the purchase date.

Q: For which sessions can I use the gift card?
A: For all the sessions I offer. So for Portraiture, Maternity, Couple, Engagement, Weddings, Family, Friends, and Parties / Events.

Q: How much are photo sessions?
A: This totally depends on which session you’d like to book but they normally start at around 530 CHF.

Q: How long is a gift card valuable?
A: The gift card is valuable for one year from purchase.

Q: How does it work once I have purchased a gift card?
A: As easy as making plans with your friends (not so easy if you have busy friends and family :P): You can just contact me via email maxwell.art@hotmail.ch and we can set everything up via a phone call. We can also take doodle to set a date if there are more than 2 people involved. After that: nothing can hold us back. 🙂

Q: What if I was gifted your gift card, what are the possibilities then?
A: Same as if you purchased it for yourself. You can book the session you want or even use it toward your wedding fee. Just contact me directly and we can chat about your options and how you’d like to proceed.