Frequently Asked Questions

The most important thing: Ask away, don’t be afraid! I am here for your every need and will answer every question. I have gathered some of the frequently asked questions for you:


Q: What photo sessions do you offer?
A: Most of the photo sessions I do include Portraiture, Maternity, Couple, Engagement, Weddings, Family, Friends, and Parties / Events. I also do branding shoots if you’re a self-employed human who needs some kick-ass branding images. Next to my work with humans in front of my camera, I also work with food and products. So if you’re in need of anything I just mentioned, just send me an email via hello@maxwellartphotography.com or contact me via the contact form on this website. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Q: For which locations are you available?
A: I am based out of Switzerland and South Africa. I am available for sessions/weddings all over Switzerland and also for international stories just as Destination Weddings all over the world like South Africa, Hawaii, Thailand, Italy, Island etc.

Q: What happens once I have contacted you?
A: Super straight forward: Once you have filled in the contact form on my website, I will send you over my photo packages regarding your request with a link to book in a video chat session. We’ll get to know each other, see if there’s a match between us and then there’s nothing that can stop us. I’ll help you in any way I can to give you tips and inputs from my experience in the past for you to have a better experience and make this as easy and comfortable as possible.

Q: What if we have to postpone our photo session?
A: No problem, as long as we stay in contact and we can find a possible date that works for all of us. There is no problem in postponing your photo session.

Q: How long does it take you for me to receive my photos?
A: That totally depends on what it is. My turn-around time for couple and engagement sessions are mostly 3-4 weeks, in very busy times I take up to 6 weeks. My turn-around time for weddings is 4-6 weeks, in very busy times I take up to 8 weeks. But in any case, you’ll get the first sneak peeks up to 3 days after our shoot/your wedding for you to enjoy and already get a glimpse at what’s coming!

Q: How will you edit our images?
A: When i say edited photos, this includes color adjustments and other necessary changes but no retouching. I try to be super real with my photography style and I am all in for the real and true you. Retouching someone’s face or skin in order for them to not look like themselves anymore is not my intention. This is about the real and raw YOU.

Q: Can I also contact you if I’m starting out with photography and might need some mentoring?
A: Yes, of course, you can! I am officially offering 1:1 mentoring sessions. Contact me via my contact form on this website to get talking!! 🙂


Q: How many hours do you cover?
A: I start at 1 hour and go up to 14 hours per day if necessary.

Q: What if we first want to get to know you and see your wedding package offers before we book you?
A: Yes, of course, that’s how we do it. Get in contact, chat with each other and let’s find out together if we’re a perfect match. This is your day, your story and the photographer who’s capturing those moments needs to be the right one for you – up until we had our talk and I’ve sent you a quote, this all is non-binding.

Q: Where can I see if you’re still available on our wedding date?
A: Just get in contact with me via the contact form on my website and I get will get back to you as soon as possible. In the worst-case scenario, I will suggest you other photographers that I can recommend greatly.

Q: Can we see full galleries of a few of your recent weddings?
A: Yes of course. I have some of my weddings up on my portfolio and in the galleries (see the main menu on top). I will also show you more galleries of weddings and also printed albums when we personally meet, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into here.

Q: What wedding packages do you offer? Can we also customize our own wedding package?
A: I offer 3 different wedding packages but those are only here to provide you with an idea of what is possible. You can easily book me for more or fewer hours. The maximum of hours I can be booked for are 14 hours per day.

Q: How will we get the photos delivered? Where can we see them and how can we send them to our guests?
A: You will get all of the edited photos in your very own online gallery and a special link to send to all of your guests. They can download all the web-size photos which are perfect for social media usage and other smaller print services. This gallery will be active until up to one year after your session/event/wedding day.

Q: How long does it take you for us to receive our wedding photos?
A: My turn-around time for weddings is 4-6 weeks, in very busy times I take up to 8 weeks. But in any case, you’ll get the first sneak peeks in the first 3 days after your wedding for you to enjoy and already get a glimpse at what’s coming!

Q: Will you be photographing our wedding alone?
A: Yes, I am personally shooting the weddings I book. From time to time and because the guest list is quite long, I work with a second shooter to capture all of the different angles to not miss a special moment.

Q: Can we order prints or albums directly from you?
A: Yes you can. Nonetheless, I only offer my wedding album services to my clients. My services and prices regarding (wedding) albums are especially designed for my couples/clients and are an added experience to their booking.

Q: How will the process be, if we decide do order albums from you?
A: We will first discuss your expectations and details about the album. Then you can select your favorite ones (mostly 50-70 images) via the online gallery where your images are on. Afterwards, I will design your album for you and you’ll have the chance to look at it and give me feedback before it goes into printing. So all super easy for you to just lay back and enjoy the days as a newlywed couple.

Q: How long have you been doing wedding photography?
A: I started a couple of years ago with some smaller weddings. Since 2019 I am dedicated Photographer that specialised in Weddings.

Q: What if you haven’t been to our wedding venue before? How do you know how it looks and where the best spots are for the couple shoot?
A: I always check out the venues a couple of weeks or even months before the wedding – either personally or via Google Maps and photos I can find online. There’s also a possibility for us to have one of the personal meeting at your wedding venue.

Q: How many weddings do you cover per year?
A: I take up to 25 big wedding bookings per year (8+ hours on Saturdays) but only a maximum of three big weddings per month. This way I can concentrate on my couples and support them as much as possible. Quality over quantity people – that’s the key for me. 🙂


Q: Are you fun to be around?
A: If you like inappropriate jokes, spontaneous dance improvs, and a girl that can’t really stop smiling? Yep, that’s me. I, obviously, can shut my mouth when it gets serious but I rather have you giggling and enjoying every second while it lasts.

Q: Why are your answers always so long?
A: Because I am bad with words and always talk way too much… And most importantly, I want you to have full transparency on everything before we start this journey together. And I, of course, want you to know beforehand how crazy I am about making this experience the very best.

Gift Cards

Q: How do the gift cards work?
A: You can buy a specific amount of CHF for your gift card and can easily spend it on any photo session within one year after the purchase date.

Q: For which sessions can I use the gift card?
A: For all the sessions I offer. So for Portraiture, Maternity, Couple, Engagement, Weddings, Family, Friends, and Parties / Events.

Q: How much are photo sessions?
A: This totally depends on which session you’d like to book but they normally start at 630 CHF.

Q: How long is a gift card valuable?
A: The gift card is valuable for one year from purchase.

Q: How does it work once I have purchased a gift card?
A: As easy as making plans with your friends (not so easy if you have busy friends and family :P): You can just contact me via email hello@maxwellartphotography.com and we can set everything up via a phone call. We can also take doodle to set a date if there are more than 2 people involved. After that: nothing can hold us back. 🙂

Q: What if I was gifted your gift card, what are the possibilities then?
A: Same as if you purchased it for yourself. You can book the session you want or even use it toward your wedding fee. Just contact me directly and we can chat about your options and how you’d like to proceed.