What people say about me

I asked my personal and professional environment how they would

describe me personally:
cheerful, outgoing, kind-hearted, vibrant, hilarious, enthusiastic

describe working with me:
motivating, passionate, exciting, inspiring, unique, trustworthy,

describe my work:
happy, bright, full of love, natural, vibrant, cheerful

Facts About Me

I LOVE FOOD – do I even have to say more?

FAMILY AND FRIENDS FIRST – I think this goes without words. I love to spend time with them, have some deep talks, or just enjoy our time together.

I LAUGH ALL THE TIME – You see me laugh all the time and if not, I at least am smiling. I just love what it does with people around you and also to yourself. A smile and a good laugh just make a day better.

I LOVE TO TRAVEL – All the breathtaking locations, cities, cultures, and the people you meet. It fascinates me how people are different on so many levels when you’re in other countries – even in different parts of the same country.

Get more insights


To get a more personal insight into my daily business and see my latest work, have a look on my Instagram. I'm trying to be as transparent as possible with everything I do and also post more about myself for you to get to know me a little better day by day. I'll take you with me on an engagement shoot, on a wedding day, or just post behind the scenes when all is over and I have time to answer your questions.