the MaxwellArt Bag

Designed by people for people.

There’s not much I can tell you about my MaxwellArt Bag other than it will bring you joy and you’ll know, you will be the only one with a bag like this. Why? Because.




CHF 15 / piece

CHF 20 / piece

(Excl. Delivery)

(Excl. Delivery)

Delivery (for now) only available for Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein. Deliveries to other countries are possible with additional costs for delivery.

What people have been saying about the MaxwellArt Bag

“It’s perfect. It can carry 4 bottles of wine – it’s made just for me!”
“I love it! It’s way better quality than the other bags you can buy at the store and it’s the best.”

“I’m using it for everything.”
“It’s been my companion ever since. I use it to go out to get groceries but also when I go and meet my friends. I really like it and the design is super unique.”


This is Swiss German and it stands for “only the important things”
Why that? Because some of us say (or even the majority of us) that we  “only need to buy the important things” or “I am only bringing the important things”. Well, almost every time that’s not the case.
So I thought hey, why not put that onto a bag, and to make it more authentic: let’s use our amazing Swiss German language (most of the people don’t understand us anyways).


This bad is a little Thank You for all the people that have been believing in me and been a part of this great journey!
That’s why I have asked the wonderful Hanna from pomba.ch to design something special for me and the people it’s all been about: YOU!

I wanted to create something special for special people (yes I am talking about YOU!).
Do you want to say thank you to someone else? You’d like to support local artits and still need xmas presents? I guess you’ve found it!
Thanks for all the people that have suppported me during the whole process and pushing me to be my greatest self!


My MaxwellArt Bag can be (and is also being) used for different occasions. It is your companion for your short grocery shopping trip to the local store, or when you go to the lake. It is also pretty handy when it comes to everyday stuff like going to work, meeting your friends (and holding all of your friends wallets and other stuff) and of course & very important: it’s perfect for your wine and beer bottles!


The bag design is done by the wonderful Hanna from pomba.ch
My logo has been done by the incredible Emma from Deguara Design